3 Responses to Contact

  1. Rachel says:

    I’m in the middle of reading Master of the Mountain and can’t put it down! Just wanted to tell you how interesting I find your book, how compelling, and how touching. I am very pleased that after 2 centuries, the stories of some of these slaves is being told!

  2. Rocky Galgano says:

    Finished your book and I loved it. I’m always surprised when people praise TJ. Here was a guy who had a knack for putting together phrases from other peoples writing, added a little of his own and came up with the Declaration of Independence. He was investigated for plagiarism by Congress for it, investigated for cowardice for fleeing Virginia when the British came, was a slave master, raped at least one slave repeatedly that we know of (that’s what it’s called in California when a jailer has sex with a prisoner) bullied Congress into buying his library so he could have money to live, and according to your research had slave children beaten when they wouldn’t work. No wonder there’s a monument to him in Washington. Anyway, loved your book. Looking forward to the next one. BTW saw you on Book T.V. Good reply to that woman who tried to discredit you with that ‘will’ thing.

  3. Richard Moylan says:

    We should talk about Robert Russa Moton
    Google Robert Russa Motion a Forgotten Hero by Richard Moylan

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