Smithsonian Magazine cover story on “Master of the Mountain”

The October issue of Smithsonian Magazine (with beautiful illustrations by Charis Tsevis) runs an 8,000-word excerpt from “Master of the Mountain.” Over one hundred people have posted comments. Click the link to the article under “Blogroll.”

One Response to Smithsonian Magazine cover story on “Master of the Mountain”

  1. Peggy Seats says:

    Henry Weincek is a brilliant historian and author who has the audacity to write truth to power about American history versus the mythologized “sound bytes” that have plagued and prevented Americans [and the world-at-large] from knowing who the historic figures of America, particularly colonial America, are. Although it has been over two centuries since Thomas Jefferson and George Washington [of Weincek’s “An Imperfect God: George Washington and His Slaves and the Creation of America.”], America refuses to relinquish the candy coated lies and to tell the true story of the founding of America. These people were human beings, not gods, and their true stories are far more interesting and engaging than the myths.

    Hats off to Weincek for having the courage of conviction for arguably coming closer to telling the truth about America’s early historic record than most anyone. This is particularly true as relates to the “interdependence” of the slave owners and their victims, the chattel slaves, in the creation of America as the first created sovereign nation [and capital] in modern history.

    That’s even though the enslaved are still seeking their freedom and credit for their many unsung contributions as slavery has only been modernized; and the slave owners are still in denial about the benefits they were bequeathed as their inability to stop being in denial about the “peculiar institution” that is the American way skewed in their favor is alive and well, of course.

    Here’s a clue for consideration. As the old axiom goes, “The truth will set you free.” That perspective, I believe, is relative to us all!

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